Cracking little video explaining stuff that we really need to remembers…every day: Be inspired as Matt Fuller shows you how God sees you as a Christian… @CC_Mayfair @CoMissionLDN #inspirational #christianity […]

Through our Big Words series, we have looked mainly at things that Christ as achieved for us when he died and rose – gracious things in which we have no part to […]

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at a number of big words that the Bible uses to describe what Jesus achieved for us. Justification. Reconciliation. Redemption. Propitiation. Resurrection. (And […]

Next week our Gospel Communities kick off an 8-week series working through Titus. An overview and introduction can be found here. (If you want to print a copy, use this file instead.) […]

During the weeks leading up to Easter we have been thinking about some big words: justification, reconciliation and redemption. On Good Friday our word was propitiation. We used the illustration of some […]