Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at a number of big words that the Bible uses to describe what Jesus achieved for us. Justification. Reconciliation. Redemption. Propitiation. Resurrection. (And we threw sanctification in there as well, just because it “ends in shun…“)

As we’ve looked at each of these big words, there has been one little word that has kept coming up: sin.

Each of the pictures paints a slightly different perspective of sin for us.

Justification is a word related to law-courts. In this scene, sin is a law that has been broken.

Reconciliation describes how our relationship to God is restored as our sin is removed. Sin is a barrier.

Redemption takes us to a market place where slaves are bought at a price. Sin here is our captive.

Propitiation describes how Jesus appeases the Fathers anger. Sin is not just an entity that needs to be removed (like the scapegoat of Leviticus 16). It is also an offence that needs to be appeased. Thus Jesus’ death propitiates the Father, taking the punishment due for the wrath that our sin roused.