Transforming By Truth

We started a new series on Sunday morning working through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. You can find more details about the series here.

The first passage was Matthew 5:1-12 (listen here). The big idea is: Blessed are those whose lives are shaped after Christ’s humility. Three key things to note are

  1. These chapters (Matthew 5-7) are written to those who already follow Jesus. Jesus’ words are not telling anyone how to become a Christian, but how to live as a Christian.
  2. The Christian life is a humble one (e.g. meek, poor in spirit, persecuted) – mainly because this was the life that Jesus lived. We follow the pattern of his humility.
  3. The Christian life is a blessed one. “Blessed” doesn’t mean ‘getting things from God’. It means that we are inline with God’s plan and purposes. We are not going against his intent – so life is going well for those who are blessed, because they are not opposing God. (Imagine a salmon who is no longer swimming upstream, but is being carried along with the current – that’s the blessed life.)

At our 5pm Gathering we continued our course thinking about The Generous God.

Living In Community

This week’s notice sheet is here: 2017-04-30 – Notice Sheet – Matthew 5v1-12

Gospel Communities started their journey through Titus this week. Hopefully, you have read through a few times and started to grasp the shape of the letter as a whole. The key verses of the whole book is Titus 1:1 – it tells us Paul’s theme: truth that leads to godliness. As we start this series, it is important to check our hearts: ensure that we are not just studying Titus for truth – what God wants us truth that leads to godliness. We must be prepared to change and be shaped by the truth, not just informed by it.

The overall shape of Titus is:

  1. Truth – chapter 1 explains the how Paul received the truth and preached it – and now he calls Titus to appoint elders who understand and live the truth so they can pass it on, and protect it.
  2. Community – chapter 2 explains how this truth shapes its people: the internal relationships within a church family are important.
  3. Culture – chapter 3 widens the perspective so that we grasp that the truth shapes not only our relationships with other Christians, but also with the wider society.


Keep the date Saturday 20th May free if you can. On that day we are planning a church picnic/fun day at Avon Heath.

Engaging Our Culture

As we embark on our journey through the Sermon on the Mount – keep Matthew 5:16 in your minds. Learn it. Stick it on your fridge. Your life as a follower of Jesus should be so distinctive that the world around is pointed to the glory of God.