Last Sunday morning we began our Gathering by reading Ephesians 1:3 together and thinking thinking about what a ‘Call to Worship’ is.

We often have a Call to Worship at the start of our meetings, although we don’t often refer to them as such. The function of the Call is to focus our attention on why and how we are gathered together. Believe it or not, Christians don’t meet together each Sunday because we think it’s a good idea, or because someone told us to.

In his book Christ-Centred Worship, Bryan Chapell lists three important things to remember (pp160-162):

  1. God calls us to worship. In other words, worship is God’s idea – not our own. We don’t gather and summon or invite God. He calls us.
  2. God calls us to respond to his revelation. Calls to Worship usually come straight from the Bible. Our response to God’s call (i.e. our worship) must be shaped how God tells us. Since God initiates worship, he also shapes the worship. “Come…Praise…Worship…Confess…” These are some of the kinds of things that the Bible tells us to do as we worship God. We approach God only on his terms, not our own.
  3. God calls us to respond to his redemption. Our response to God’s call is (or ought to be!) done with great delight. It is not an onerous thing. We worship because we delight in all that God has done for us. Our worship is not securing God’s goodness towards us – it is celebrating that his goodness and love have already achieved our salvation in the person and work of Christ.

In the coming weeks, we will be exploring some more elements that make up our Gathered worship. Keep checking back here for new posts.