Robert Plummer has a helpful little video about modern English Bible translations:

His point that we have “an embarrassing riches” of translations is useful to remember. Christian can easily get very uptight about their preferred translation. The fact that we have more than one to choose from is an act of God’s grace. By all means explore the different versions. Own multiple ones. But don’t get tied up on insisting that one is better than the other.

At Parkstone Church we use the NIV for our public meetings (although some people follow along in different versions). The reason we use the NIV is because it is in the middle of the spectrum. It is faithful to the original languages while at the same time striving to be written in everyday spoken English.

You might be interested to know that recently there has been a major new release into the English Bible world: the Christian Standard Bible. On Robert Plummer’s spectrum this falls somewhere between the NIV and the ESV. It is freely available online and in apps. It’s worth taking a look at.